Nanette Scriba
Nanette Scriba was born in Mainz, Germany, where she was exposed to music and art from early childhood, as her father was a renowned cantor and organist and her mother was a painter.

In the 1980s Nanette studied Art and Art History at the University of Mainz, graduating with distinction in 1986.

Even while studying at the University, Nanette gained considerable recognition as a songwriter, poet, musician, and a skilled interpreter of French chansons. She began performing concerts to German audiences, and over the next years made appearances on German, French, Chinese (!) and Polish Television programs. She has recorded and released 10 CDs, mostly consisting of original compositions which she both arranged and co-produced.

Nanette's first CD production, a compilation of well-known French chansons, earned her excellent reviews ("Outstanding" - DIE ZEIT), which inspired her to begin composing and performing her own beautiful songs.

For more information on her musical career (only available in German):

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In 2006 Nanette first traveled to Cape Verde, a life-changing experience that reawakened her desire to devote herself also to painting:

Nanette Scriba - the PAINTER.

See the paintings and more information (in German) about the painter Nanette here: